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The Blue Marble

“And then, his house which will it be? A man’s home is the place where he feels that he truly belongs”

This is what Tudor wrote, in today’s article. He loves his house, his childhood “nest”, the family which safeguards him… the country he lives, the Earth he inhabits.

When he dreams of travelling to another planets, I don’t know why, but my thought flies to Saint-Exupery and his Little Prince, which had a star that, no matter how small it was, he loved it, because it was his home, his country, his mystery….

God made so wonderful the visible things, but the unseen ones, His Kingdom, to wchich he climb slowly, hanging by every word He speaks with the fingers of faith, dazzled, hesistating, but most important, loving, this will be our eternal home, our hapyness, our peace.

As I read Vişan Miu Tudor’s “Blue Marble”, I madly missed my father…. because the home a human being must fell that he belongs isn’t the earth, but the place He prepared for him.

Introduction by Răsvan Cristian Stoica
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The Rubbish Cabinet

A beer bottle…. broken;…. canned fish…. biscuit boxes… glass jar fragments…. many, many bags… a water can….. a 50 metters long cable… some enigmatic light bulbs… a broken TV!?!  This is what I found last year, on 25 september 2010, on a Saturday, at “Let’s Do It, Romania!” (1), when I, my twin brother, my collegues from class 8C and the mathemathics teacher went, along other 200.000 volunteers, to clean the land of our beloved nation!

This year, on 24 september, another Saturday, this thing is going to happen again. Last year, 1% of our country’s population went to the “national cleaning”. This year, the initiators hope to be 500.000 volunteers, which means 2,5% of the country’s population. This procent seems very small, taking into account how much tons of garbage are being left by romanians in the middle of nature! In 2010, 600.000 garbage sacs were collected. If the proportion is kept, this year 1.500.000 sacs of garbage would be raised. And yet, is it enough>

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The Spiritual Sense

“How do I see the world, through my eyes?”  This is a question I thought about a while. What answer whould I give? But then, I realized that the question was, in fact, another one: it was about perception, not vision, because human senses are many. We knew there were five. I tell you there are more than ten. I will tell you which they are or, least, they would be, in my perception of the world.

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Why write in English….

Hello, world! I am a Romanian. I live in Romania. I speak in Romanian. I read in Romanian. I write in Romanian. I think in Romanian. I started blogging in Romanian. Then why translate my articles into English? The reason is very simple…

There are only 22 millions of people speaking Romanian.

There are 2-3 billions of people speaking English.

Not every Romanian has access to the Internet, and of those, there aren’t more than 400.000 who read blogs. Of those, only half read WordPress.

Let’s say there are 300 million WordPress readers. Only 1/5000 know Romanian.  Most of them (66/100) know only English.

Because I want more people to read what I write, I started translating. This is why. If you speak English, will you read what I write? Let’s hope so…


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