Why write in English….

Hello, world! I am a Romanian. I live in Romania. I speak in Romanian. I read in Romanian. I write in Romanian. I think in Romanian. I started blogging in Romanian. Then why translate my articles into English? The reason is very simple…

There are only 22 millions of people speaking Romanian.

There are 2-3 billions of people speaking English.

Not every Romanian has access to the Internet, and of those, there aren’t more than 400.000 who read blogs. Of those, only half read WordPress.

Let’s say there are 300 million WordPress readers. Only 1/5000 know Romanian.  Most of them (66/100) know only English.

Because I want more people to read what I write, I started translating. This is why. If you speak English, will you read what I write? Let’s hope so…



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2 responses to “Why write in English….

  1. You should write in whatever language you’re comfortable in, sure English will get you more readers and if thats what you want you should keep translating, otherwise write freely.

  2. Dear dolphinfanatic,

    The fact that just a few hours passed, a published no link anywhere and still, I got a comment from the first day proves me that translating my articles is a good idea. As you can see, I master English pretty well.

    Besides, I have a cousin in Australia who speaks only English – how can she read my writings otherwise? If I get to the trouble of translating my articles, at least I could publish them on another blog 🙂

    I thank you for “liking” my article.

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