The Spiritual Sense

“How do I see the world, through my eyes?”  This is a question I thought about a while. What answer whould I give? But then, I realized that the question was, in fact, another one: it was about perception, not vision, because human senses are many. We knew there were five. I tell you there are more than ten. I will tell you which they are or, least, they would be, in my perception of the world.

Sight, hear, smell, taste and touch are the traditional senses, which we all know about. From this point of view, “the world” as the totality of everything we perceive around us, is offering a lot of experiences. How many beautiful landscaped have delighted our eyes? How mamy times songs,voices and musical instrument, or even the sound of nature, bird, rivers or the waves of the sea, have tickled our ears? How many parfumes have allured our nostrils? How many flavors spoiled our taste buds? How many velvets have touched our skin?

The sixth sense, indicated by gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat Savarin in his book, “La Physiologie du Goût” (1), published in december 1825, is called by the author “genesiac” or “physical love”, which attracts the sexes between each other, being the object of the reproduction of species. This one, I haven’t numebered yet because I haven’t felt it yet: I will relate you my experience of this sence after more years will pass….

Still, I insist to tell your that Brillat Savarin wrote that “there are at least six senses”, leaving room  more. The “Senes” articole from Wikipedia (2) names some supplimentary senses, which I will enumerate too: Balance and acceleration (Equilibrioreception) is the sense that “allows an organism to sense body movement, direction, and acceleration, and to attain and maintain postural equilibrium and balance”; Temperature (Thermoreception) is the sense of heat and it’s absence (cold), by the skin;  Kinesthetic sense (Propriorception) is the one that “provides the parietal cortex of the brain with information on the relative positions of the parts of the body”; Pain (Nocireception) “signals nerve-damage or damage to tissue”.

Still, if all the senses numbered until now helps us know God by His creation, I believe there is a tenth sense. Imagine that you don’t have any of the senses enumerated above: you are blind, deaf, have no smell, nor taste, you are paralized, you don’t feel you body, neither heat, cold or pain, your don’t percept anything around you. Well, you, the one without senses, start to pray and, without percepting God by His creation, still, you feel something inside you. It’s something beautiful, like a revelation, you don’t know what it is. I called it the Spiritual sense, the one you percept the Creator through another way, unearthly.

This is the way I percept the world, through this ten senses. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY: (1) “The Physiology of Taste or Transcedental Gastronomy”, translation into english by Fayette Robinson, eBooks@Adelaide, 2007

(2) “Senses”, Wikipedia


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