The Blue Marble

“And then, his house which will it be? A man’s home is the place where he feels that he truly belongs”

This is what Tudor wrote, in today’s article. He loves his house, his childhood “nest”, the family which safeguards him… the country he lives, the Earth he inhabits.

When he dreams of travelling to another planets, I don’t know why, but my thought flies to Saint-Exupery and his Little Prince, which had a star that, no matter how small it was, he loved it, because it was his home, his country, his mystery….

God made so wonderful the visible things, but the unseen ones, His Kingdom, to wchich he climb slowly, hanging by every word He speaks with the fingers of faith, dazzled, hesistating, but most important, loving, this will be our eternal home, our hapyness, our peace.

As I read Vişan Miu Tudor’s “Blue Marble”, I madly missed my father…. because the home a human being must fell that he belongs isn’t the earth, but the place He prepared for him.

Introduction by Răsvan Cristian Stoica



“Terra”: what a wonderful world, which fills with pride the hearth and sings in the soul and mind of every human being, because the “Earth” is universal for all humanity, the inhabitans of this marvelous planet which he call by this world. Every entinity which wears the name of “terran” thinks, when he sees the globe from space, with its water and continents hidden by the atmosphere, that his is his home!

But then, we descend from space… we pick a continent, whether it is Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia, we know that on this vast mainland you may find the place were we were born and then we feel that we belong to a “community of nations”. Then, we choose a country, and in our chests we feel the passionate burning of patriotism. But then, we travel to a city, which is for us the “center of the world”, because this is the place where we first opened our eyes and then we feel that we belong to another “community”, smaller, which we may know. And then we enter a neighborhood and start to recognize familiar places, until we feel an unmistakable enthusiasm when we see a street, ours…. and then, walking on it, we see a house, which we know it is only ours, and we begin to miss the time which passed, our childhood, because this was our home.

And still, a human cand split from all these. Wether he moves to another home, another street, another neighborhood, another city, another country, another continent, another planet, another solar system or another galaxy…. And then, his “house” which will it be? A man’s home is the place where he feels that he truly belongs”

A house is, in a modern version, a building made of concrete, metal, bricks, wood and glass, which hasn’t, judging from its composition, probably nothing special. Since infancy, I live on a street bearing the name of a faimous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. From a flat with dozens of appartments, I moved in a house which my parents built nearly entirely by “their hands”. Now, I remember how I entered the frontyard and a dog named “Bety” barked me. Then, I entered the flat’s door, climbed the stairs until the second floor and ringed. Today, I ring at the interphone, hear a buzzing, open the gate, some steps, insert a code, open a door, walk some stairs, ring, walk on the warm parquet and only then I feel that I am home.

The neighborhood is, also, only a group of houses which, most of the times, have nothing in common, except that they are aligned along a street. In rest, they look different, from inside as well as from outside. What they share, still, is a common space, and those that live in them know each other and call themselves “neighbours”. Still, what is specific to this neighbourhood, besides streets with named of famous musicians like Mozart, Chopin, Bizet, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Rahmaninov, Verdi, Rossini, Puccini, Bartok, Glinka? Oh, no. This neighborhood represents, for my father, the place where he was born, childhood, youth, maturity and, probably, will embody old age, because he has been living here for 59 years. I was also born in this neighborhood, I spent my infancy and I am living my youth.

The city is a complex form of human settlement, with a geographic position, a history and their own economic activities. Someone has lots of reason to move from a settlement to another. Maybe they hope for a better life, like my paternal grandfather, Ion, which moved from Coloneşti village, judeţul Olt, toBucharest, the capital ofRomania. Maybe they were forced by a disaster, like the Laslo family, my grandmother’s, which moved after their house in Piteşti was burned to Bucharest. Both lived the rest of their life inBucharestand a part of it in the same “musical neighborhood” of which I spoked of, and where my father was born. Then, to be closer to their child and grandchilds, my maternal grandparents moved from Tulcea to Bucureşti. Where do you think? I let you guess. After all, our town represents more than a simple settlement: it is a “small word”, whose roads will inevitable to a single place: to the dear ones, close to them.

The country is a territory which hosts many cities, having not only their own location and history, but also their own culture, language, tradition. From nation to nation people move, from the same reasons they move from a city to another. Maybe they want to run from a opressive system, like my mother’s cousin, Emil, who ran from Constanţa to Saarbrücken in Western Germany. Maybe they were obliged by the historical context, like the Pavlov family, which ran from the Tsarist Empire,Odessa, and reenstablished inRomania, Tulcea, during the 1917 Russian Revolution. Maybe they hope for better life conditions, like many romanians who today go abroard and never come back. Still, often those that were born in a country will belong to the culture, language and traditions of that nation for the rest of their life…..

The continent is a large surface of land, bordered partially or from all sides by seas and oceans. In the present, water is no longer an obstacle in travelling to another land and there are many of those who make this “jump”. My uncle Dudu left Europe to Australia, and his cousin nephew, Gelu, emigrated to the United States of America. The continent has its own imprint, which it leaves upon the countries on it. And, in the end, there are those international personalitaties (like Julian Assange, the Wikileaks president) which lived on every continent, their home representing the planet on they live itself.

But lets look toward the future… What will Earth reprezent in year 3000, 4000 or 5000….? Maybe there will be settlements on Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake or Eris! People will fly with the rocket (or the “flying saucer”) from their Earth to one of these planets and will never come back…. In one hundred thousands years, it may be possible for them to leave the solar system, to Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Altair, Tau Ceti or even Gliese, at a distance of 27 years distance to the Sun! In a million years, we may reach the end of the Milky Way galaxy or even cross it, entering Andromeda… And then I cannot ask myself: “What will happen to Earth?”.

Well, deep inside my heart, I hope that every human being, even if they are at the edge of the universe, to look at the “Blue Marble” and remember, from their ancestors, of the wonderful planet which was called “Terra”, an unique paradise unlike any world you would find in this universe, and tell themselves: “Well, on the Earth created by God started everything…”.

NOTE: “The Blue Marble” is a famous photograph of the Earth, taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, at 5:39 a.m., at a distance of 45.000 kilometres. The Blue Marble was the first clear image taken of an illuminated face of the Earth, being made by the austronauts while the Sun was behind them. For them, Earth had the appearance of a glass marble, hence the name.


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