Desire for a Full Table…. and an Empty Chair

"Van Gogh's chair", 1888

How does a full table look like? Well, probably it doesn’t look in a single way…. besides it has it’s own shape, color and, generally, an unique appearance, the table is a furniture piece on which you can put any kind of object that doesn’t break it. On the dining room table you can put food, on the office table you can put your writing machine, on the workshop table you can put your tools, on the table next to the couch you can put your legs, and on the school table you can put your manuals and notebooks, and if you don’t like that particular class, you can put your head, but I wouldn’t advise you doing so: you can lose essential knowledge.

But how would an empty table look?………………………………………………………………………………..

But how? The table is made to put thinks on it. How would you look at a table which yesterday was full and today is empty? With resentment you would look, with big eyes you would stare, with agile (but tired) legs you would make circles around it, and with strong hands the table you would hit.

The desire for a Full Table is one of the most painful feelings: to have a table and put nothing on it? It would be better if you would break it and make form it a chair, maybe you will be dazzled if you keep walking around.

At Eternity's Gate, 1882

The chair: how does it look occupied? Oh, but no, to give an answer stop reading the text: look at your own seat. You don’t have much to see: at chairs you don’t look, just sit on them. On tables you must never sit: on them you put objects, not people.

What is the difference between a Full Table and an Empty Chair? Well, at the first of them you look with joy, at the last you look with desire, because you would otherwise sit on it…..


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