Comparison between Mark Twain’s times and ours

In our times, we have access to practically an infinite amount of information, we can communicate with nearly every person on the planet with relative ease and go from a continent to another in a matter of hours. 

In Mark Twain’s times, the majority of things a person would know during his lifetime was assimilated during school, there were few books to read (in comparison to the present), journeys took very long (the principal means of transport were the steam train and the steam boat) and people communicated slow and hard, mostly by letters.

 Still, in those days, people had more free time and didn’t need much to be happy. In the present, there is never enough time and our whole life is a race, we do many more things but, even so, we rarely achieve happiness.  

Why is this so? What could have possibly changed in a matter of one or two hundred years? The technology or the human race itself? Did the inventions in which Mark Twain invested much money made our life better or worse? Who can tell? 

In a world of speed in which we can rarely think about what is important, the best think to do is just stop for a minute or two and think, about times like those of Mark Twain’s, when jumping into a river was a child’s greatest fun.   


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