The Apple from Throat

"Still Life with a Skull", Paul Cezanne, 1895-1900

Apples are our favorite fruits. Probably they also are the first from which we bit…. even if a bite from the apple picked from the forbidden tree had as a consequence the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Heavens. Still, we don’t have any resentment against apples: we eat many and with lust.

Apple are, in some ways, as feelings: they have different shapes, colors and tastes. You will never find an apple identical to another. Alike it, yes, but identical, no.

Feelings couldn’t be like oranges – their peel is hard to breach and, even if a crack is made, too many juice can’t do good. Neither grapes could resemble them: they are too smalls and, above all, they would ferment and drunk us. Neither like pears could they be: too many don’t make you good, but from feelings you could feast endlessly. The conclusion? Feelings aren’t neither like oranges, neither like grapes, neither like pears, but like apples.

The apples from a basket represent the feelings of a day. When you look at the basket, it is impossible for you not to say “how big they are, what a wonderful color they have, how tasty they are, so fresh and sweet!”.

But what if among them there is a rotten apple? You will see that all fruits, even if they are red as fire, yellow as the sun or green as grass, will start to… lose their color. Above them rottenness will lay, they will become small and ugly, and it will become impossible for someone to eat them. All you can do is to throw the basket with apples and fill it with pears, grapes or oranges. 

The apples from a sac represent the feelings from a longer period of time. You don’t just see them, but actually feel their weight on your back. Of course, it is a weight worth carrying. 

But what if among them there is a rotten aple? It will press upon the sack, make it heavier, his content a burden, it will even make a hole into the sac and all the good apples will fall from it. Desperate, the carrier will try to pick up his fruits, but will see them smitten, spoiled, not good at all, but bad. This way, he will remain only with a drilled sac, an useless “skin”. 

Why can’t the good apples heal the bad one? Why a single apple, the rotten one, taints all the other ones?

These apples….. on outside they can look lovely, but from the inside be ugly, just as from the inside they can be lovely but ugly from the outside.  

Apples can leave you a lump in throat… even ignite the spark of an animosity….. but someone who lives into his white rose flowers can be happy.

Apples are as feelings: a rotten apple can cut your appetite and leave you emptied, but this doesn’t mean that you will stop eating these fruits for the rest of your life.

Apples also have seeds: should we also eat them? Of course: they are the healthiest part of the fruit. But some seeds must be kept to be planted, because apples do not spring from earth but grow into trees.

But even the apple’s stem can be eaten, but along with the fruit. This is also available for feelings: the “stem” of a sentiment is left for “dessert”.

Apples: didn’t we have enough of them? Never! Should you know, they resemble feelings….


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