History of some Russian Beards

Beards were and are still a reason of great pride for many. The history of beards is a thick one, especially that of russian beards. In old mother Russia, the beard was a sign of maturity. Tsar Ivan the Fourth was a terrible one, but his beard was amazing.   

But there was a tsar which amused himself greatly on the “facial jewelry” of his subjects – first, he obliged them to shave it: some were brought to the barber by force, but if they didn’t want to conform themselves to this new command, they had to pay a….  tax on beard! The funny guy which introduced this tax was a moustached man named Peter the Great, and the russians of his time protected their beard with pride: not only they emptied their pockets, filling the tsar’s treasury, but even wore a medal to certify in public that their beard was….ridiculous.  

After Peter, comes a lady: no beard! Then, another Peter: no beard! Then, another lady: no beard! Then, Ivan the Young comes (not that he wouldn’t want such a thing, but he didn’t had time to let it grow). Then, another lady, another Peter, another lady: no beard! Then, comes a Paul: no beard! Then, comes an Alexander: still no beard! In the end, two moustaches come at the throne of Russia, and then, to beards.

But Nicholas II didn’t had too much time to display his beard because the bolsheviks come and shave it, not his beard but, with one-two bullets in his head, him, from the face of the earth.

Then, the soviets came at power. Lenin didn’t wear beard, but a goatee and a moustache. After him, comes a moustached Stalin, and then a bald Krushchev, a shaggy Brezhnev, two toxic old men, Andropov and Chernenko, and then, a Gorbachev with a forehead burned by the sun. Not to mention the last three presidents: not a single hair thread see on their chin or under their nose.

This beard…. many say it is manhood. Other say it is barbarism. But even some weeds are named after beards! We wear on our faces what we wish, and if we wish to wear a beard, we shall wear it with pride, even if some people don’t understand… the importance of “facial jewelry”!

Rulers of Russia. From left to right: Ivan IV the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine I, Peter II, Anna (row 1), Ivan VI the Young, Elizabeth, Peter III, Catherine II, Paul I (row 2), Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II (row 3)


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