The Blackout is over…. for now

Yesterday, the Internet wasn’t a good place to navigate.

The Network “oceans” were shadowed….

Every time I wanted to learn something, I kept hitting myself by the locked doors of knowledge. Wikipedia had been blacked out….

Every time I wanted to search the definition of a certain word, a black screen appeared in front of me. The Romanian Explicative Dictionary had been blacked out….


So yes, the blackout wasn’t a nice thing.

But how would you feel if this happened to you every day?

If the SOPA and/or PIPA legislation is introduced in the United States, the European Union may follow it and then, who knows how many other states?

A dictature of Internet censorship may start.


This is why I participated at the WordPress campaign of protests.

I didn’t black out my site because it would have had a minor impact….

….. but I put a black background and a “stop censorship” ribbon.

This, until 24 January.

In that day, the U.S. Senate will make a decision.  

If it will be the wrong one, the blackout will be not just for one day.

But if it will be the good one, the status quo will remain the same (and we want that 🙂


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