A factory, a gun and a pair of shoes

In year 1944, in the city of Zlín, while on the western front against Nazi Germany in the  Czech Republic, my grandfather, Mircea Mitroi, leader of a Romanian army battalion in the Tatra Mountains, found himself in a quite difficult situation when, after the eliberation of the city, the soldiers subordinated to his command wanted to steal high-quality shoes from the famous  Baťa Factory.

Led by his sense of honor, call of duty and principles of morality, my grandfather forbidden his subordinates to thief the shoe factory, arguing that “We are liberators, not thiefs! We came here to help those men, not pillage their property”. Seeing that he cannot temper the soldiers with words, he grabbed his pistol, pointed them in the direction of the battalion and said: “If someone takes a single pair of shoes from this factory, I will kill him with my own hands!”.

By doing so, my grandfather saved the factory, and it lasted many years after the end of the Second World War.   


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