An Old Man’s in the park inspiration. A lesson of creativity, in a day for inventivity

An old man sits on a bench in the park. He is still. After observing that he didn’t move for some minutes, standing with his head looking down, a lady comes and asks him:


– Mister, what are you looking at with such concentration?

– At the twittering dove as they eat bread crumbs.

– But…. why?

– It inspires me.


The lady doesn’t understand the answer and goes away. Hours pass and afternoon comes. Seeing the old man still for a quarter of hour, with his head looking up, a child comes and asks him:


– Sir, what are you looking at?

– At the clear sky, the clouds which float in the air and the sun which light everything.

– But…. Why?

– It inspires me.

– And what do you need inspiration for?

– Inspiration helps at creativity.


The child doesn’t understand what the man meant and left. Hours pass and the sun starts to fade. Observing the old man for like 1000 seconds, as he stands with his head forward, an old lady younger than him comes and asks:


– Friend, what ar you looking at with such admiration?

– At the sphere of fire and light as it slowly descends and how the world sinks into cold and darkness.

– And what is the reason for doing this?

– It inspires me.

– And what use do you make of inspiration?

– Inspiration helps at creativity.

– But creativity, why do you need it? Are you a writer?


The old man smiles, looks gently at the old lady and answers only to the first question:


– Creativity helps at inventivity.

– But of what use if you don’t have time to use it?

– Inventivity musn’t be used only for practical purposes but for dreaming, to see beyond a beautiful landscape. Observing it, you become inspired. You can look at it and try unnumbered feelings. Standing as long as possible in front of this view, you become creative. You start to make pleasant associations with wonderful images that you had seen during you life, which make you glad. After you had finished this recall of the beautifulness you had seen once, you become inventive. You start to imagine places you had never seen, to create a paradise in your mind….. for me, this paradise looks very much as our planet: it has delightful gardens, charming seas, lovely skies, fascinating beings….. between them, there is something beyond of Terra: sparkling stars, hypnotic nebulas and a light brighting in all colors….

And then, a long break……………………………………….. after which the old lady answers: 

– You, friend, have not lived with no purpose and have found wisdom at old age.

– Oh, no, wisdom found me…..


And then, in the end, the sun goes down, and above the sky rises the moon and the stars…..


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