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Olórin and Messiah

Link: “Jesus and Gandalf“, Mere Inkling

Maiar Olórin is one of those fictional characters whose base is the Christian figure of Messiah, Son of God.


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What is the Meaning of Tolerance in the Modern World?

What does tolerance mean, in the modern world? Well, first of all, tolerance means accepting that someone is different than you, and because everyone is unique in this world, it means accepting that everyone else on this planet is different.

If a neighbor hasn’t the same hobbies as you, the same tastes in food or in clothing, the same skin color, the same nationality, the same religion, the same language, the same political orientation, if he is from all this points of view, or any others, different than you, then you have to be tolerant with him.

Tolerance means respecting, accepting and appreciating the rich diversity of our world’s cultures. Human beings are naturally diverse in many ways – tolerance means accepting every reasonable way of being human.

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The Twilight Trial, between the sunset and the setting of the night

(Commenta at the comparison in 8 points between Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, the Narnian Chronicles): “But Twilight?” (Alexandra)


(Response): The “Twilight” series isn’t to be judged by verses of the Bible (of some themes such as dark spirituality, blood consumption, future foretelling, immortality, the forbidden fruit, Mormonism), but can be condemned on other criterias:

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Beings of Details

Humans are beings of details 

They don’t care what they eat, but the taste of good 

For them it isn’t important what they wear, but the aspect of their clothes 

The utility of an activity means nothing to them, but the pleasure brought by fulfilling it

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The Lemonade of the Economical Crisis 


The Efemerity of Things that we want


On 24 October we commemorate the Black Thursday of year 1929, the day when the Wall Street Stock Market crash became obvious. It was inevitable to reach this situation: the Crash was the logical consequence tot only of the specultive boom of 1926, but also of the lifestyle gouverned by the “Live now, pay later” principle, the system of buying in rates allowing more american citizens live in luxury. But then, the ecnomical crisis of the 30s had let with their wallets empty the citizens of the United States who, owning soo much money, adopted a new principle: “Pay now, live later”. Some decided to not live at all, put a rope around their neck and hang themselves, others to throw themselves on the window.

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The Man who bought the Stars

Earth was made by God in the third day of His creation and also He gave it a name: “And God called the dry land Earth….”, and from its dust, He made man, “the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became         a living soul”, and in earth he was fated to return, “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”, after God doomed him because of eating an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for “cursed is the ground for thy sake” and then he banished him from the Garden of Eden, to “work the earth from which he was taken”. 

In the most tragic book ever written, Iov, the wise and opressed, the one who wanted to excuse himself in face of God, said: “Naked came I forth from the womb of my mother, and naked shall I turn back in the breast of the earth”. 

And, as an irony of fate, a strange gnosis called Kabbalah created the wierdest myth, the most bizarre legend: the golem, through which the one who possess the name of God, the one who reaches the Tetragramaton, Yehovah’s name of four letters, and pronounces it corectly, can create from earth a golem, a man. 

Vişan Miu Theodor situates earth, somewhere, between God and heresy. Looking through the eyes of the contemporary world, his meditation of today has the value of tomorrow. Read below the reverence of love he made to the Father, called Him his Celestial Parent. 

Introduction by Răsvan Cristian Stoica.

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