The Man who bought the Stars

Earth was made by God in the third day of His creation and also He gave it a name: “And God called the dry land Earth….”, and from its dust, He made man, “the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became         a living soul”, and in earth he was fated to return, “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return”, after God doomed him because of eating an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, for “cursed is the ground for thy sake” and then he banished him from the Garden of Eden, to “work the earth from which he was taken”. 

In the most tragic book ever written, Iov, the wise and opressed, the one who wanted to excuse himself in face of God, said: “Naked came I forth from the womb of my mother, and naked shall I turn back in the breast of the earth”. 

And, as an irony of fate, a strange gnosis called Kabbalah created the wierdest myth, the most bizarre legend: the golem, through which the one who possess the name of God, the one who reaches the Tetragramaton, Yehovah’s name of four letters, and pronounces it corectly, can create from earth a golem, a man. 

Vişan Miu Theodor situates earth, somewhere, between God and heresy. Looking through the eyes of the contemporary world, his meditation of today has the value of tomorrow. Read below the reverence of love he made to the Father, called Him his Celestial Parent. 

Introduction by Răsvan Cristian Stoica.


When the celestials spheres become private property 


The Little Prince and the Man who bought the Stars 

by Vişan Miu Theodor


“I ask the indulgence of the children who may read this book for dedicating it to a grown-up. I have a serious reason: he is the best friend I have in the world. […] I will dedicate the book to the child from whom this grown-up grew. […] And so I correct my dedication: To Leon Werth,  when he was a little boy” – the preface of “The Little Prince”, written by Antoine de Saint – Exupéry 

“The Little Prince”….  we had all heard about this book. After all, it is one of the most spread books from the face of the Earth: it was translated in over 110 languages. The question is another: “How many of us had really read ‘The Little Prince’?”. To my shame, I admit that I had read it only last week, Răsvan being the one which, without telling me anything directly, convinced me to take Exupéry’s book and go through it. Honestly, it is very short: you can read it in less than an hour and a half, important being not the thickness of the book, but the depth by which it is written. To understand, you must read it first: I assure you that you will love it very much. 

During his journey, the Little Prince met a “businessman”, who was “so occupied that he did not even raise his head when the little prince arrived”. What kept him bussy? Well, this businessman was adding numbers with his own head (in Exupéry’s time, the calculator didn’t exist), reaching sums of hundreds of millions. What has he counting. Stars. “And what do you do with them?”, asked the Little Prince. “What I do with them? Nothing. I master them”, answered this man who continously pretended to “be a serious man”. Still, he isn’t too convincing: he entitled himself “the master of stars”, on which he pretended to have right of property, only because “(he) first thought of it”. But what was he doing with those stars? Nothing. “I manage them, count them and count them again. [….] I can deposit them in a bank [….] write on a piece of paper how many stars I have. Then, I lock this paper in a drawer”. This episode leads my thought to two things: man’s right above earth (actually, unexistant) and at the man who owns the Moon. 

“Earth”….. how many meanings can have this word! It is the most usual name of our planet, while it is also used to name the crust that wraps it, and for the superior layer of this shell, characterized by fertility, on it growing plants. And, at last, it is used with the meaning of land, almost everytime associated with property. “My land”, so do the ‘grown-ups’ call their “territory”, even if it belongs to them only by the laws of the human society, while the “rules of nature” wouldn’t agree, since earth belongs to one or, in fact, to every single living being on Terra, from animals to plants and insects. Because of this, no one can pretend to own a strip of earth, as he cannot pretend to be the owner of a star or the space, which belongs, after all, only to the Celestial Parent. Still, accordng to the laws of our society, it can. Have you heard of the domains on the moon?   

Well, there is a man who sells such domains, and there are people who buy them. His name is Dennis Hope. He is an enterpriser from Nevada who, in 1980, stated, in front of the United Nations, that he owns the Moon and that he is the interim president of the first intergalactic government known in the world. And – for mind’s horror – he has his own ministers, a Constitution, a Congress and a monetary unit! How did it got to this? Well, I must say that there is a treaty regarding the extra-terresterial space since 1967, according to which the moon cannot be reclaimed. Still, there is a loophole: the treaty forbids only states to claim celestial spheres, not a physical person. Above this, mister Hope pretends that his galactic government doesn’t need to subdue to the laws of the United Nations, since its headquarters aren’t localized on Earth.   

And so, Hope sold domains (with 20 US dollars per acre, price which makes look like the best bargain in the world) to 3.7 millions of people! Maybe today it sounds like a joke, something funny that will pass, but it isn’t like this: the Moon has many natural riches, Helium – 3 (a gase which can be used as a future regenerable source of energy) and moon dust (which could be used in constructions). In year 1949, Roberrt A. Heinlein wrote the fictive story “The Man who sold the Moon”, the action having place in year 1978, in which a businessman named Delos David Harriman wanted to “put his hand” (figurative and literally speaking) on the Moon. 31 years after the writing of this book, a man with the same initials as Delos Harriman pretended control above the Moon, and now he allocates domains to the great landowners of the future, closing his eyes and randomly choosing a location on the moon, just like the ‘great leaders of nations’ did after winning a war, at the signing of the “peace” treaties. Mister Hope isn’t a serious man, but a “grown-up” occupying with small things, laughing in the nose of the United Nations. Instead of gaining money by writing a Science Fiction story, mister Hope is building in the real world what the S.F. authors created in their fictional universes: a Galactic Government! And, bised his name, mister Hope gives false hopes to the people deceived by the thought that a man making an injustice towards the Moon and mankind could give them the right above something which, actually, doesn’t belong to him. Eventually, these people will lose their domains on the Moon, celestial sphere which mister Hope pretends to be nothing more than another continent, that should be exploited. And then, I must ask: Will manking start exploiting all the celestial spheres like another “colony”, subjugated to the one called MAN? After so many years in which we had emptied our planet of resources and polluted its atmosphere, we want EVEN MORE? Oh, Lord! Could it be possible for mankind to learn nothing out of history? Of our own mistakes? Or even from stories like that of Exupéry? What is the Universe for us? An enormous infinity, which will give the human race what it shouldn’t want? The sadliest idea is that one day we shall reace asteroid B-612, lived by the Little Prince and his flowers, we shall collect every single rock and its volcanos, we shall put the flower in an greenhouse, and the Little Prince…. I don’t want to think what we would do to him. Oh! “Grown-up”, says the Little Prince, “are very strange”…


BIBLIOGRAPHY: “Who Owns the Moon? The Galactic Government vs. the UN”, by Victoria Jaggard 


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