The Twilight Trial, between the sunset and the setting of the night

(Commenta at the comparison in 8 points between Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, the Narnian Chronicles): “But Twilight?” (Alexandra)


(Response): The “Twilight” series isn’t to be judged by verses of the Bible (of some themes such as dark spirituality, blood consumption, future foretelling, immortality, the forbidden fruit, Mormonism), but can be condemned on other criterias:


of ethic: renouncing on humanity for the acquisition of supernatural strenght and life without death.

of mythology: the mithical superficiality, by the existence of only two species of creatures (vampires and werewolves).

of medical deontology: the transplant of blood between humans – vampires without a Human Immunodeficiency Virus test previously to it.

of writing morphology: the excess of adverbs and adjectives.

of bellatristics: the ‘charm’ of the protagonists is blaimed because the tragic hero (Edward) is too byronic and the melodramatic heroine (Bella) is without character.

of copyright: by writing books about vampires, the author makes herself (by a logical error – n.n.adelind) guilty of literaly plagiarism towards an Irish writer (Bram Stoker, creator of ‘Count Dracula’), historical plagiarism towards the entire Wallachia, which gave the world a cruel voivode (Vlad Ţepeş) and cinematographical plagiarism towards a German filmaker (Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, inventor of ‘Count Orlok’, “Nosferatu”).


In conclusion, Stephanie Meyer is found guilty on 6 heads of trial towards the society and other 6 heads of trial towards the Christian faith.

The sentence? REJECTED.


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