“Among those who deny the existence of supernatural deities, there are essentially two camps. Agnostics who (technically) do not deny God’s existence, but merely profess that it is unknowable (and).atheists, (that are) more adamant about denying God’s existence (and, sometimes) make a living by stridently refuting God himself and all things holy.
Agnostics walk about like spiritual zombies, pursuing their various interests. Atheists, though, are tormented by the nagging “fear” that a loving God just may exist.
Sadly (from their present perspective), the lot of the atheist is to be closer to God than the agnostic. Atheists may rail against their Maker, but the agnostic’s spiritual indifference causes them to drift farther and farther from the Truth.” – Robert Stroud

Mere Inkling

I haven’t forgotten. Well, I have forgotten far too many things in recent years, but I didn’t forget my recent “promise” to address the challenging subject of the distinction between agnosticism and atheism. Last week I wrote: “I suspect that the intimately personal nature of God’s love for us is one of the things that moves some people from agnosticism to atheism.”

It’s not my desire to offend anyone with the discussion which follows. After all, God loves the “lost” just as much as he loves those who have surrendered their lives to him. In fact, there’s an amazing passage that hints at how the rescue of one of those who has “strayed” is even more exciting to the hosts of heaven than the faithfulness of his dedicated disciples. (Check out verses 12-14 in chapter 18 of the Gospel according to Matthew . . . and remember what I have…

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  2. Nice to see the repost here. I hope that your readers find it interesting. You Europeans and your facility for languages impresses most of us mono-lingual Americans. (As a pastor I studied Greek and Hebrew, but I’ve never became adept at them.)

    • Well, Mister Stroud, I speak very well Romanian and English, I am studying French, German and Latin, and plan to learn Italian and Spanish in a near future. But this is because I am tied to the European space, will North-Americans live most of their life on their continent, and even if they move to Europe, English is enough for communicating.

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