Year 1908, Month May, Day 3

“3 May 1908. Sunday. A day when apparently nothing important happened (1). Actors, sportsmen and ancestors appearing only in genealogical trees may had been born, but “famous people” – whatever popular they may had been at their time – aren’t eternal. Read the list below and see for yourself that not a single name in the enumeration will sound familiar to you (or who knows?). 

But even if during that day of Sabbath the surface of the Earth remained the same, in my personal calendar of the XIXth century, I still mark it. This is because in the third day of may in year 1908 (104 years ago) Ion Vişan-Miu was born (in Coloneşti village, from the Muntenian side of the Olt county). 

Son of a peasant (Predilă) and of a simple housewife (Rada), graduate of the Trade School “Nicolae Kretzulescu” in Bucharest (1918 – 1926), director of a customs office in the country’s capital, the “soul” of the interbellic parties held in the “Little Paris”, husband of Elisa Laslo (married 8 October 1942), father of architect Constantin Vişan (born 21 May 1945) and of designer Radu Vişan-Miu (born 5 May 1952), my paternal grandfather and of my brother, sister and cousin. 


A man dies only when he is forgotten. But I will never forget him. The soul of man is immortal, and I hope that the spirit of my grandfather found its place in Heaven.” – Visan-Miu Theodor (24 December 2010, Bucharest)


Notă: (1) Births (8 May 1908): Carlo Romano (born Firenze, Toscana), movie actor and Italian screenwriter; Arturo de Córdova (born Mérida, Yucatán), Mexican film actor; Cecil Broadhurst (born.?), Canadian composer, film actor and screenwriter; Theodore Corday  (born. Winnipeg, Manitoba), Canadian producer of many american serials; Cristian Vasile (born Sibiu), Romanian romance singer; Fred Hynes (born Nashville, Tennessee), American sound engineer; Hubert Day (born Griffithstown, Wales), English rugby player; Reginald Tebbs (born Leeds, Yorkshire), English cricketer; Victor Holt (born Oklahoma), American basketball player; Maria Gertsch (born Gurzelen, Bern), Swiss.


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