Emmanuel Sezonov

BIOGRAPHY: Emmanuel Sezonov (born 16 May 1912, Brăila, Romania – died 18 October 2000, Houston, Harris, Texas, U.S.A.) is the author of the “Sezonov Family Chronicle (1880 – 1980)”. Born in Brăila, he left Romania with his family (1944), livind in Germany, France, Chile (1944 – 1961) and the United States of America (1961). 


– Son of Adam Sezonov and Lidia Resner

– Brother of Paul Sezonov (l.Melbourne, Australia) and of Victoria(m.Zielinski, l.Peine, Germany) (1)

– Husband of Ina Maria Hoehn (m.27 December 1938, b.29 august 1920, Wittenberge, Brandenburg, Germany – d.24 August 2004), sales associate at Sakowitz Downtown, Texas (for 19 years).

– Father of Werner (m.Mary), Robert (m.Gail), Manuela (l.Santiago de Chile) and Erica (m.Tony Mercer, l.Houston, Texas)

– Grandfather of Alberto Velasquez (m.Orielle), Manu Losu [Santiago de Chile], Christopher Sezonov (m.Kari), Matthew Sezonov (m.Julie) [Houston, Texas], Daniel Tarcir [Hollywood, Los Angeles, California]

– Great-grandfather of Spencer and Addison Sezonov 

BIBLIOGRAPHY: “Das Rösner Register” (1976, 84 pages, in German language), “Sezonov Family Chronicle (1880 – 1980)” (1980, 126 pages, in Romanian and English language) 

P.S.: Emmanuel and Ina MariaSezonov were incinerated, according to their wishes. 

SOURCE: Houston Chronicle Archives – Emmanuel Sezonov (posted on Saturday, 10/28/2000); Obituary (Ancestry.com): Ina Maria Sezonov 

Notă: (1) Victoria Sezonov wrote a book entitled “Vom Schicksal der Familie Adam Sezonov an Brăila” (“Fate of the Sezonov Family in Brăila”, 1973, ‘Jahrbuch D.D.’, 138 – 147 pages). 

Pentru cititorii care nu stăpânesc bine limba engleză: aici 


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