“Jesus Christ’s body cannot give redemption” – John F. MacArthur

American theologian and pastor John F. MacArthur had ben accused that he doesn’t believe in the forgiveness of sins by the blood of Jesus Christ (in the article “Not His bleeding, but his dying”, Grace to You). Actually, he wasn’t understood in context, because he had made refference to his actual blood, not his death, as the title say.

Below, some fragments, from an extraction made by Beniamin Cruceru, from MacArthur’s response to the critics given to his affirmation

“For some strange reason people have accused me of denying the blood of Christ, which is not so. I affirm that a literal Jesus Christ who was man in every respect, 100 percent man yet God incarnate, died on the cross, shed His literal blood as a sacrifice for sin. I believe that and I believe that it was that sacrificial death of Christ on the cross that atoned for the sins of man and those who believe appropriate that atonement and receive eternal life through His death and resurrection and that’s historic Christian theology.

But in recent months, I have noticed that there is an encroaching heresy on the blood, that there are people who say that the blood of Jesus was not human, it was divine. One pastor said to me, “He had the blood of God.” I said, “What is the blood of God?” He said, “Divine blood.” I said, “God is a spirit, that was the blood of Christ, that was the blood of a man, He was 100 percent man.” It’s heretical to call the blood of Jesus Christ the blood of God and it demonstrates a failure to understand what theologians have called the hypostatic union, that is the God/Man union in Christ.

[….] The only importance the blood of Jesus has is that it showed He died, there is no saving in that blood itself. We cannot say that the very blood of Jesus, His physical blood is what atones for sin, it is His death that atones for sin, His bloodshed was an act of death. And so we do not want to become preoccupied with fantasizing about some mystical blood that’s floating around somewhere. It is by His sacrificial offering of Himself. It is by His death that we are redeemed. Bloodshed is only the picture of His death.”


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