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140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia (1872 – 2012)

“To the Google Staff: 

“Traian Vuia in his aircraft” (Image 2)

This year, on 17 August 2012, the world will celebrate 140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia, Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer, who realized the first auto-propulsed fligh with a machine heavier than the air in global history (the plane of the Wright brothers, Flyer, didn’t have “local” methods of take-off, propulsion and landing), and was also the first European to fly with an airplane (Orville and Wilbur Wright were Americans). 

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For God, Tsar and the Fatherland

More about: Durakovo, Mikhail Morozov

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Egypt: We are watching you (4-part documentary)

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“i am sure the outcome of the today’s referendum vote is obvious… sad that there is no one good enough to vote to lead this country… like there ever was one? lets see what the future holds cause the present i am not liking…” (Simona Ritter, Facebook)

Totally agreed with my relative’s (daughter of my mother’s cousin) opinion regarding the presidential impeachment referendum (2012) from 29 July 2012. As Wikipedia correctly announced (citing Financial Times): ” The Constitutional Court of Romania postpones a decision regarding the impeachment referendum of suspended President Traian Băsescu until September 12th, time until the reevaluation of the permanent electoral lists must occur”. Until then, we may find what the population is inside Romania’s borders (19 millions, according to controversed 2011 census, or 20 millions, according to estimations?).

To be taken into account that only 75.000 voters from the 3 million Romanians outside borders participated at the impeachment referendum (most “YES” votes to the dismissal came from Spain, Italy, United States, Great Britain).

While our political leaders make shame of our country’s international pride, there is still hope given by the Romanian champions in the Olympic games to restore our self dignity.

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