140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia (1872 – 2012)

“To the Google Staff: 

“Traian Vuia in his aircraft” (Image 2)

This year, on 17 August 2012, the world will celebrate 140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia, Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer, who realized the first auto-propulsed fligh with a machine heavier than the air in global history (the plane of the Wright brothers, Flyer, didn’t have “local” methods of take-off, propulsion and landing), and was also the first European to fly with an airplane (Orville and Wilbur Wright were Americans). 

Traian Vuia, borned in Austro-Hungary, was son of a Romanian priest (Image 3)

Also, this year, on 18 March, 106 years from Vuia’s flight had passed (1906 – 2012). The aviator flew 20 meters in length at the altitude of 1 meter. 

17 August is a special occasion, and a great opportunity for Google to commemorate this great personality. 

“Postcard of Traian Vuia and his machine” (Image 3)

Although I may not be able to provide the company a logo for the above-mentioned occasion, I am sending attached to this e-mail photographies of Traian Vuia (image 1) and his aircraft (image 2 is during his attempt to fly; image 3 is a postcard). 

The Romanian people would be most satisfied if Google would commemorate this great personality which Traian Vuia was in the field of aviation.



A Romanian”

Note: See “Early flying machines in the 20th century”, Wikipedia



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