The ranking system in the Sezonov family

The Chronicle of the Sezonov family

I have received from Mr. Mitică Ghitea (rank B9C), who had also sent me an interesting text regarding the beginnings of the Sezonov family, the following explanation of the “ranking system of the members of the family” (designed by Emmanuel Sezonov):

  • Every member of the family whose mother or father has a direct kinship (by blood) with a Sezonov received its own rank/ familial number/ sign/ Zeichen.

  • The numbering starts with SEZON TROFIMOVICI VASILENCO, the founder of the family (married to ELENA STEPANOVA CAPLAUSENCO).

  • A-B-C… designates brothers-sisters (children of SEZON), by the order of their birth. So, the first child, AHIMIA, wears rank “A”, the second child, SAMUEL, wears rank “B”, and so on.

  • The children of those from line “A-B-C…” inherit the letter of their father/mother, to which is added a number, 1-2-3…., by the order of their birth (ex: the ninth child of SAMUEL…

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