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Prime-minister Victor Ponta does not represent ME, as a citizen of Romania! As anyone with access to the Internet can verify the accusations of plagiarism (I have done this myself), Victor Ponta should not only renounce at the title of doctor, but also resign from his function as prime-minister of our country.

"în" şi "sub" GÂNDURAR-ul lui natan

Note: This open letter has been co-authored by myself and Dr. Danut Manastireanu, and has been published with my permission on his personal blog.

Feel free to disseminate the letter as widely as you can. Should you wish to make any changes or additions, please check them either with myself or Dr. Manastireanu.




In the past days the current government led by Mr. Victor Ponta has taken measures that signal a dangerous direction for Romania and its shaky democracy. The situation in our country is truly worrying and we beseech you to reflect the latest troubling developments on the Romanian political scene, including the serious plagiarism charges launched by Nature magazine at Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Representatives from Nature magazine have presented detailed evidence that a substantial part of Mr. Ponta’s 2003 PhD thesis on the International Criminal Court has been clearly…

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