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The Value of Intelligence in Love

Ante scriptum: “Which is the value of intelligence in love?” For months I had been trying to give an answer to this dilemma. I rewrote this article three times but, every time, I couldn’t find the right words. It is very hard to intelligently speak about love, what to say about intelligently speaking about love while weighting the value of intelligence in the same time.  After all, love is an unspeakable feeling, which you cannot describe in words. And then, what should I do? “An image values as 1000 words”, it is said.

Tulcea, 1954

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The Apple from Throat

"Still Life with a Skull", Paul Cezanne, 1895-1900

Apples are our favorite fruits. Probably they also are the first from which we bit…. even if a bite from the apple picked from the forbidden tree had as a consequence the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Heavens. Still, we don’t have any resentment against apples: we eat many and with lust.

Apple are, in some ways, as feelings: they have different shapes, colors and tastes. You will never find an apple identical to another. Alike it, yes, but identical, no.

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