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The Blackout is over…. for now

Yesterday, the Internet wasn’t a good place to navigate.

The Network “oceans” were shadowed….

Every time I wanted to learn something, I kept hitting myself by the locked doors of knowledge. Wikipedia had been blacked out….

Every time I wanted to search the definition of a certain word, a black screen appeared in front of me. The Romanian Explicative Dictionary had been blacked out….


So yes, the blackout wasn’t a nice thing.

But how would you feel if this happened to you every day?

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Happy New Year

Dear readers,

I wish you a wonderful New Year, filled with joy, hope, happyness , love!

I thank you for reading what I wrote, even if you didn’t know much about me.

I am sorry that I didn’t post for some days, but the other blog kept me very occupied.

Still, I promise you more articles for the year which will come.

In the end, as you can see in the picture below, I thank you for building me some very nice flats.

See the Reader’s Neighborhood:


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Why write in English….

Hello, world! I am a Romanian. I live in Romania. I speak in Romanian. I read in Romanian. I write in Romanian. I think in Romanian. I started blogging in Romanian. Then why translate my articles into English? The reason is very simple…

There are only 22 millions of people speaking Romanian.

There are 2-3 billions of people speaking English.

Not every Romanian has access to the Internet, and of those, there aren’t more than 400.000 who read blogs. Of those, only half read WordPress.

Let’s say there are 300 million WordPress readers. Only 1/5000 know Romanian.  Most of them (66/100) know only English.

Because I want more people to read what I write, I started translating. This is why. If you speak English, will you read what I write? Let’s hope so…


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