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“Jesus Christ’s body cannot give redemption” – John F. MacArthur

American theologian and pastor John F. MacArthur had ben accused that he doesn’t believe in the forgiveness of sins by the blood of Jesus Christ (in the article “Not His bleeding, but his dying”, Grace to You). Actually, he wasn’t understood in context, because he had made refference to his actual blood, not his death, as the title say.

Below, some fragments, from an extraction made by Beniamin Cruceru, from MacArthur’s response to the critics given to his affirmation

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Comparison in 8 points: Tolkien, Lewis – Rowling/ Lord of the Rings, Narnia – Harry Potter

Write a 8-10 narrative paragraph starting with the following words:


And Harry Potter stepped into the labyrinth for yet another magic adventure.


The above exercise was given at the English olympiad as the final subject to be made (VI).


What was my reaction? Of joy? Sadly (or gladly), not. Because, at the doors of the educational system, it is not to be made Alohomora for Harry Potter. 

Why? The arguments are of spiritual nature. In my opinion, the “Harry Potter” series ar not “anti-christian” stories and J.K.Rowling didn’t have “evil intentions” writing it. 


But there are some themes which I do not agree (making abstraction of the “magical setting” of the books):

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