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6 Ridiculous Myths About the Middle Ages Everyone Believes

by Steve Kolenberg, on cracked.com (13 January 2013)

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Beings of Details

Humans are beings of details 

They don’t care what they eat, but the taste of good 

For them it isn’t important what they wear, but the aspect of their clothes 

The utility of an activity means nothing to them, but the pleasure brought by fulfilling it

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The Wallet of Soul

Our soul is like a wallet

In it we keep what is valuable 


Actually, I think it is more like a money box

In it we keep our savings 

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The Apple from Throat

"Still Life with a Skull", Paul Cezanne, 1895-1900

Apples are our favorite fruits. Probably they also are the first from which we bit…. even if a bite from the apple picked from the forbidden tree had as a consequence the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Heavens. Still, we don’t have any resentment against apples: we eat many and with lust.

Apple are, in some ways, as feelings: they have different shapes, colors and tastes. You will never find an apple identical to another. Alike it, yes, but identical, no.

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Shreds of Time

"Clock time" by Salvador Dali

Time… why does it have to move always forward, never behind? We never have enough ot it lately: I don’t know when we progressed into a world of speed, but just as we made this jump, everything began to move faster: information, cars, people, even the clock seems to be ticking faster.

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