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The Lemonade of the Economical Crisis 


The Efemerity of Things that we want


On 24 October we commemorate the Black Thursday of year 1929, the day when the Wall Street Stock Market crash became obvious. It was inevitable to reach this situation: the Crash was the logical consequence tot only of the specultive boom of 1926, but also of the lifestyle gouverned by the “Live now, pay later” principle, the system of buying in rates allowing more american citizens live in luxury. But then, the ecnomical crisis of the 30s had let with their wallets empty the citizens of the United States who, owning soo much money, adopted a new principle: “Pay now, live later”. Some decided to not live at all, put a rope around their neck and hang themselves, others to throw themselves on the window.

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The Apple from Throat

"Still Life with a Skull", Paul Cezanne, 1895-1900

Apples are our favorite fruits. Probably they also are the first from which we bit…. even if a bite from the apple picked from the forbidden tree had as a consequence the banishment of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Heavens. Still, we don’t have any resentment against apples: we eat many and with lust.

Apple are, in some ways, as feelings: they have different shapes, colors and tastes. You will never find an apple identical to another. Alike it, yes, but identical, no.

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