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For God, Tsar and the Fatherland

More about: Durakovo, Mikhail Morozov


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Wikipedia “Blacked out”

 Today, 18 January 2012, as a sign of protest against the legislation proposed in the United States – SOPA and PIPA – Wikipedia in English is now in total darkness. 

 Today, 18 January 2012, as a sign of sympathy towards this protest against measures that could harm the free and open Internet, the blog “theodorvisanmiu” also goes black (but only by background color). 

 Although I am Romanian and the U.S. laws cannot directly affect me, I rely on Wikipedia in English very much and I believe that an act whose purpose is to do good may do quite the opposite, and this may be the case for the bills against Piracy and protection of Intellectual property.  

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