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130 Years from the Birth of Aurel Vlaicu (1882 – 2012)

To the Google Staff: 

“Aurel Vlaicu in his aircraft” (image 3)

This year, on 19 November 2012, the world will celebrate 130 years from the birth of Aurel Vlaicu, Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot, creator of three unique-shaped aerodynamic planes known as “Vlaicu I”, “Vlaicu II” and “Vlaicu III”.

Aurel Vlaicu was born in the Kingdom of Romania, but made his studies at Budapest (Hungary) and München (Germany). Even if he found the funds necessary to build his plane in Germany, he didn’t accept the offer received and put his invention in the service of Romania (Image 1)

The first model (‘Vlaicu nr. I’) first flew on 17 June 1910, on Cotroceni Field, in the Kingdom of Romania. The second model (‘Vlaicu nr.II’), designed in 1911, flew in 1912 at the Aspern Air Show in Vienna, Austro-Hungary, winning the second place, after French aviator Roland Gaross. The third model (‘Vlaicu nr.III’), ordered by the Marconi Company and designed in 1912-1913, the first all-metal aeroplane in the world, was completed after his death, by his friends (in 1914).

“Above view of the aircraft” (Image 4)

“Front view of the aicraft” (Image 5)

Vlaicu, also a military pilot: he transported the first official message delivered by air in the Kingdom of Romania (27 September 1910, the route Slatina – Piatra Olt), thus making his country the second in history to use airplanes for military purposed, after France.

He died while attempting to create an “aerian bridge” between the Romanian population of the two sides of the Carpathian Mountains. Because for this purpose he didn’t wait the finalization of his third airplane and used the old and thorned ‘Vlaicu nr.II’, he fell from the sky and crashed, on 13 September 1913, near Câmpina, in Wallachia but close to Transylvania.


“Aurel Vlaicu as an aviator. He fought during the Second Balcanic War.” (image 2)

So, 19 November is a special occasion, and a great opportunity for Google to commemorate this great personality.


“Aurel Vlaicu on the 50 Lei banknote” (Image 6)

“Drawing: Aurel Vlaicu (left), aircraft (center), eagle head (right)” (image 7)

I will not pe able to provide Google any form of doodle (as in the previous case of Traian Vuia), but I shall send attached to this e-mail photographies of Aurel Vlaicu (image 1 as an ingineer, image 2 as a pilot) and his aircraft (image 3 is of Vlaicu in his aicraft while attempting to fly, image 4 is an above view and image 5 is a front view), an image of him on the 50 Lei Romanian banknotes (image 6) and a drawing of mine representing Aurel Vlaicu (left), his aircraft (center) and an eagle (right) (image 7), which I put at the company’s dispossal.


The Romanian nation would be honoured if Google celebreted this great personality which Aurel Vlaicu was in the field of aviation. 


A Romanian”


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140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia (1872 – 2012)

“To the Google Staff: 

“Traian Vuia in his aircraft” (Image 2)

This year, on 17 August 2012, the world will celebrate 140 years from the birth of Traian Vuia, Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer, who realized the first auto-propulsed fligh with a machine heavier than the air in global history (the plane of the Wright brothers, Flyer, didn’t have “local” methods of take-off, propulsion and landing), and was also the first European to fly with an airplane (Orville and Wilbur Wright were Americans). 

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“i am sure the outcome of the today’s referendum vote is obvious… sad that there is no one good enough to vote to lead this country… like there ever was one? lets see what the future holds cause the present i am not liking…” (Simona Ritter, Facebook)

Totally agreed with my relative’s (daughter of my mother’s cousin) opinion regarding the presidential impeachment referendum (2012) from 29 July 2012. As Wikipedia correctly announced (citing Financial Times): ” The Constitutional Court of Romania postpones a decision regarding the impeachment referendum of suspended President Traian Băsescu until September 12th, time until the reevaluation of the permanent electoral lists must occur”. Until then, we may find what the population is inside Romania’s borders (19 millions, according to controversed 2011 census, or 20 millions, according to estimations?).

To be taken into account that only 75.000 voters from the 3 million Romanians outside borders participated at the impeachment referendum (most “YES” votes to the dismissal came from Spain, Italy, United States, Great Britain).

While our political leaders make shame of our country’s international pride, there is still hope given by the Romanian champions in the Olympic games to restore our self dignity.

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Prime-minister Victor Ponta does not represent ME, as a citizen of Romania! As anyone with access to the Internet can verify the accusations of plagiarism (I have done this myself), Victor Ponta should not only renounce at the title of doctor, but also resign from his function as prime-minister of our country.

"în" şi "sub" GÂNDURAR-ul lui natan

Note: This open letter has been co-authored by myself and Dr. Danut Manastireanu, and has been published with my permission on his personal blog.

Feel free to disseminate the letter as widely as you can. Should you wish to make any changes or additions, please check them either with myself or Dr. Manastireanu.




In the past days the current government led by Mr. Victor Ponta has taken measures that signal a dangerous direction for Romania and its shaky democracy. The situation in our country is truly worrying and we beseech you to reflect the latest troubling developments on the Romanian political scene, including the serious plagiarism charges launched by Nature magazine at Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Representatives from Nature magazine have presented detailed evidence that a substantial part of Mr. Ponta’s 2003 PhD thesis on the International Criminal Court has been clearly…

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Year 1908, Month May, Day 3

“3 May 1908. Sunday. A day when apparently nothing important happened (1). Actors, sportsmen and ancestors appearing only in genealogical trees may had been born, but “famous people” – whatever popular they may had been at their time – aren’t eternal. Read the list below and see for yourself that not a single name in the enumeration will sound familiar to you (or who knows?). 

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The Story of Lost Essentials

“A man’s house burns down. The smoking wreckage represents only a ruined home that was dear through years of use and pleasant associations. By and by, as the days and weeks go on, first he misses this, then that, then the other thing. And when he casts about for it he finds that it was in that house. Always it is an essential — there was but one of its kind. It cannot be replaced. It was in that house. It is irrevocably lost. It will be years before the tale of lost essentials is complete, and not till then can he truly know the magnitude of his disaster.” – Mark Twain


The 20s. City of Piteşti. The house of the Laslo family was a big one, with many rooms, each of them hosting numerous objects. The “pleasant associations” could be made not only with the home as one, but with every room in part. 

An oil bucket. A match. An enormous evilness. A great hate. This four things were needed to burn the house from the ground. Who did it? A man which not that it didn’t had at his hearth, but detestes, hated the hungarian people, and the members of the Laslo family were, in the acception of this bastard, four “damned magyars”. 

The smoke comes out from the roof. The flames embrace the boards. The house is on fire. The members of the Laslo family can only look desperate how their home is reduced to matchwood and ash. On their time, you just couldn’t stop an arson.  

Of course, in the interwar Piteşti, there were no hydrants, and the firemen didn’t stepped by: the days of heroism like those on the Spirii Hill had long gone by (1). The only apparent chance to save a building on fire was to bring water by a bucket from a lake or a river, but such an attempt proves, in the end, its futility: not even the legs of a desperate man can make the road from the Argeş river back tens of times. 

After the fire extinguished, nothing remained, only the piles of a ruined house. When some remains on the streets, the first thing he desires is a roof above his head. He doesn’t have it. Then, he looks at what he had left: to Ştefan, Maria, Ana and Elisa Laslo, the only thing they remained with was a cup of tea, a spoon and the cloths they had on them.   Continue reading


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The Ion Luca Paradox: the mystery of Caragiale’s birth date

I love you as the sclave loves…. light and the blind…. liberty!” – Rică Venturiano, a very confused citizen (character from a famous play of I.L.Caragiale, “O Scrisoare Pierdută” [“A Lost Letter”])

Yesterday, 30 January 2012, Google celebrated 160 years from the birth of Ion Luca Caragiale, a famous romanian playwright best known for his satirical humor. 

The problem is that Wikipedia, champion of knowledge, had let us totally perplex by providind 4 different dates of birth for Ion Luca Caragiale, two by old style (the Julian Calendar), and other two by new style (the Gregorian Calendar). At that interval of time (1800 – 1900), there was a difference of 12 correction days between the two calendars. 

So, the four dates of birth are 18 January (O.S.), 30 January (N.S.), 1 February (O.S.), 13 February (N.S.). But which is correct? Searching deeper into the problem, I found that: 

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